Posted On: Apr 16, 2015
Posted By: Rachel

The 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival, unveiled its official selection lineup on Thursday. Diane’s film Maryland was selected! The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 13-24.

“Maryland” (Alice Winocour, France-Belgium)
Cannes seems an ideal spot to unveil this French Riviera-lensed thriller, starring Mathias Schoenaerts as a French Special Forces soldier suffering PTSD after fighting in Afghanistan, and Diane Kruger as the wife of his new employer. Winocour’s previous film, “Augustine” (2012), premiered in Cannes Critics’ Week. (Sales: Indie Sales)

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Posted On: Mar 18, 2015
Posted By: Rachel

Last night, Diane was in Berlin, Germany for the German launch of People Magazine. Diane wore a gorgeous dress by Alexander McQueen. Head to the gallery now for the latest additions.

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Posted On: Mar 12, 2015
Posted By: Rachel

While filming in London, England is still underway, the first official production still from Diane’s latest project, The Infiltrator has been released. The still shows Diane with her co-star, Bryan Cranston. Filming is scheduled to carry on in London until the end of April and from there, it will move to Florida. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

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– Home > Film Productions > The Infiltrator (2016) > Production Stills

Posted On: Mar 9, 2015
Posted By: Rachel

Benjamin Bratt has been set to star alongside Bryan Cranston and Diane Kruger in The Infiltrator, a fact-based thriller that will be directed by Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer). The film will be produced by Good Films’ Miriam Segal.

Based on the Robert Mazur autobiography with a script by Ellen Brown Furman, The Infiltrator centers on a customs and excise agent (Cranston) who went undercover as a money launderer and infiltrated the bankers behind the Medellin drug cartel. Bratt plays Roberto Alcanio, the agent’s contact who dealt directly with cartel board members including Pablo Escobar. (Source)

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Posted On: Mar 7, 2015
Posted By: Rachel

Diane and her partner, Joshua Jackson posed for a stunning portrait while attending the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party last month. How beautiful are they? Simply gorgeous! Head over to the gallery for the latest additions.

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– Home > Studio Photoshoots > Photoshoots From 2015 > Session #002

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Posted On: Feb 27, 2015
Posted By: Rachel

With Bryan Cranston and Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman locked in to reunite for a new thriller called The Infiltrator, they’ve now found someone to co-star with the artist formerly known as Walter White. Inglourious Basterds’ Diane Kruger is that someone.

Adapted by Ellen Brown Furman from customs and excise agent Robert Mazur’s autobiography, the film will find Cranston as Mazur, who must investigate dodgy dealings by going undercover as a man named Bob Musella. There’s no word on what part Kruger will be playing in the film, but she’s snatched the second lead role.

Shooting set to start shortly. (Source)

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Posted On: Feb 24, 2015
Posted By: Rachel

Earlier today, Diane was honoured during the Elle Style Awards 2015 held at Sky Garden at The Walkie Talkie Tower. Dressed in Chanel, Diane took home the award for Best Film Actress Award. Head to the gallery now for the latest additions.

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Posted On: Feb 23, 2015
Posted By: Rachel

Last night, Diane and her partner, Joshua Jackson attended the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted by Graydon Carter in Los Angeles. Diane wore a stunning red jumpsuit made by Donna Karan Atelier. A big thank you to my friends, Ann and Holly for sharing some of the HQ images with us. Head to the gallery now for the latest additions.

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– Home > Events > 2015 > 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted by Graydon Carter

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Posted On: Jan 28, 2015
Posted By: Rachel

Deadline is reporting Penelope Cruz and Diane Kruger are in final negotiations to star in This Man, This Woman, a script by Frederic Raphael that will be helmed by Isabel Coixet.

An estranged man, Matt Heller, and a woman, Martha Parks (Cruz) encounter each other by chance on a plane, and relive memories of their turbulent romantic relationship. Kruger will play Kirsty Sachs, a talk show host who has an affair with Heller and changes the course of his whirlwind relationship with Parks.

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Posted On: Jan 17, 2015
Posted By: Rachel

Diane was a presenter at the 20th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards hosted by Michael Strahan. Diane wore a dress by Naeem Khan while debuting a darker strawberry blonde hue. Head to the gallery now for the latest additions.

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– Home > Events > 2015 > 20th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

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